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The Data Center Frontier Show

Jan 26, 2023

The cloud computing boom has beennfueled by an infux of capital. One of the most prominent growth stories is NTT Global Data Centers, which has become the world's third-largest data center operator and is building across the United States.

On this week’s Data Center Frontier Show, we chat with Steve Lim, the Senior VP of Marketing for NTT Global Data Centers, who has had a front row seat for the company's enormous growth, and shares his take on some of the trends and markets playing a role in NTT's data center journey (as well as his own). 

Here’s a timeline of topics Steve and Rich discuss on the podcast:

  • 1:45 – NTT's progress in the U.S., from RagingWire to GDCA. 
  • 5:15 – How a capital partner like NTT can bring new scale to an operating platform.
  • 9:00  Northern Virginia: Demand continues in a region facing land and power constraints.  
  • 14:00  How data center sub-markets develop, including the role of availability zones.
  • 16:25 – Why community relations matter for data center companies.
  • 21:00  -- Base isolation: Seismic risk and NTT's growth strategy in Santa Clara.  
  • 26:20 -- Why Hillsboro is the new hotness in the hyperscale sector. 
  •  32:15 -- Steve shares his Data Center Journey.

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