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The Data Center Frontier Show

Jan 12, 2023

Across Silicon Valley, there are innovations underway that will change the way data centers are cooled. Greg Stover works with technology disruptors to help understand new processor designs and their implications for the design of racks and data halls. DCF Show host Rich Miller talks with Stover, the Global Director of Hi-Tech Development for Vertiv, about trends in processors and how they may accelerate the adoption of liquid cooling. 

Greg also discusses the evolution of Vertiv, which he describes as "a $5 billion startup," and what the company sees ahead for  the data center and cloud computing industry in 2023. 

Here’s a timeline of topics Greg and Rich discuss on the podcast:

  • 1:20 – About Vertiv - "We're a $5 billion startup" - and Greg's role working with tech disruptors. 
  • 3:25 – The state of the chip sector, and what it means for the data center sector.
  • 6:30  What AI adoption means for IT-focused businesses.  .  
  • 10:15  Liquid cooling: What does the transition look like?.
  • 13:45 – Greg's outlook for the future of data center cooling.
  • 16:00  -- The Metaverse question - what might it mean for business and infrastructure.  
  • 20:00 -- Edge use cases, and how to plan for edge computing infrastructure.
  • 28:00 -- Greg shares his "Data Center Journey."

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